The Divine Wisdom
looks down on sluggish seas,
torpid tetrapods crawling up
muddy flats,
brachiopods, gastropods
DW yawns, says
This Is Going Nowhere.
Archangel Michael,
Hurl Thou A Fireball
Amongst Those Lazy Lizards!

The Divine Wisdom
looks down on steamy savannahs,
smooth-skinned sauropods,
massive megalosaurs,
toothsome tyrannosaurs,
bilious brontosaurs,
rapacious raptors.
DW frowns, says
This Is Out Of Control!
Send a Flaming Comet
Into Those Oversized Oviparians!

The Divine Wisdom
looks down on
clouds of contamination,
melting glaciers,
yellow rivers,
flaming forests,
piles of ivory,
ayatollahs, neo-cons,
extremists, terrorists,
refugees, genocide,
Putin, Trump
Kim Jung Un.
DW snarls, says
Yo, Miguel
How’s Our Stock Of Asteroids?

Avocet, September, 2017