The Abbot in Autumn

Abbot Suger and the choir of St. Denis, the first structure in the full Gothic style

The Abbot surely stood
beneath an aisle of ancient trees
and marveled at its height,
its rise and great limbs arching
upward to a light-filled vault.
green, yellow, red, orange,
bright blue between,
traceried with twigs
dissolving in the
mystical light.

Let us have
no more tunnels,
catacombs shutting
out the sky, stone dark.
Sursum Corda!
Let in the forest lights
above naves of trunks,
groves of trunks in piers,
slender trunks in colonettes,
lifting leafy capitals, ribs, liernes,
into that vibrant spectrum

Wilda Morris’s Poetry Blog, reprinted in The Avocet

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